Dual Head Seam Rim Welder

JAYA HIND SCIAKY Dual Head Seam Welders are designed for high quality contiuous Seam Welding of Bicycle & Motorcycle Rims.


  • Heavy Steel Fabrication - Rigid Frame
  • Low Inertia Ram - High Quality Weld
  • Encapsulated Welding Transformer - Longer Life
  • Low Impedance Secondary Circuit - Higher Welding Capacity

Basic Features

  • Silver Bearings for Electrode Heads - Better Electrical Conductivity
  • Stroke Adjustable Welding Cylinder - Electrode Gapsetting
  • Easy to use Digital Controller - Consistent Weld Quality


  • Single Phase AC or 3 Phase DC Configuration
  • Electrode Wheel dressing on Machine
  • Bottom Electrode Height Adjustment by Hand Wheel