Flash Butt Welders

JAYA HIND SCIAKY Hydraulic Flash Butt Welders are designed for Heavy Duty application & High Strength Welding of joints with Large Cross Section.


  • Rigid Fabricated Frame - Minimum Deflection
  • Encapsulated Welding Transformer - Longer Life
  • Low impedance Secondary Circuit - Higher Welding Capacity


  • Direct acting lever arm clamps with cylinders placed away from flashing zone.
  • Low friction, accurately aligned movement of Platen.
  • Hydraulic power pack for positive clamping and upsetting under high pressure.
  • Controlled flashing through flow control.
  • Accurately machined tooling to match with component profile.
  • Automatic machine sequence control with PLC for high productivity.
  • Thyristor power control with tap switches on transformer for optimum weld joint strength.


  • Auto Components
  • Gear Shifter
  • Chain Link
  • Ring Gear
  • Tools
  • Steering Columns
  • Wheel Rims
  • Tractor Links


  • Manual Speed Controller
  • Proportional Valve Controller