Spot Welders

JAYA HIND SCIAKY Spot Welding Machines are designed for high efficiency, high quality and high productivity operations

Rigid Frame

Strongly welded structure of heavy steel sections.

Quick response welding head

Double acting pneumatic cylinder operated through quick exhaust air valve along with hardened and ground steel ram moving in accurately bored cast iron housing or quick response and high production needs.

Encapsulated welding transformer

Complete encapsulation of primary and secondary coils in epoxy resin under vacuum allows high duty cycle, high durability and excellent resistance to dust, humidity and vibrations.

Low Impendance secondary circuit

Low impendance transformer design associated with high quality, generous section conductors in energy efficient secondary circuit configuration ensures higher welding current at lower Several throat depth configurations to suit varient of jobs.

State Of the art welding control

Various modes in digital CMOS or MICROPROCESSOR based controllers

Wide range

Many variations with different combinations of welding heads transformer, secondary circuit configurations, electrodes and toolings


Spot cum projection welding - Nut Feeder

Electrode tip dresser - Weld Monitor